29 Aug 1969 OS/LEE/MF


Following the recent interviews with staff, this is to advise you that the decision has been taken to transfer the Overseas Routes Unit to Reading Office. It is intended that the Unit will eventually rejoin the Head Office at Basingstoke.

A nucleus of the Unit, under the control of Mr. Parson, will probably start at Reading in the Autumn of this year and the new section will progressively develop with transfers of present staff and with new engagements from the Basingstoke district. The London Unit will gradually run-down and will cease to function as soon as Reading is fully operational, but not later than Sep. 1970.

It is sincerely hoped that as many of our staff as possible will make the move and will relocate near Basingstoke with the aid of the Association's relocation scheme. Staff are advised not to defer indefinitely their decision regarding relocation, because Management must obviously plan local recruitment to fill the Unit's establishment.

For those staff prepared to work at Reading and who anticipate relocating in the Basingstoke area in due course, the Association will bear the cost of excess fares for a period up to six months.

You will be kept fully informed of the developments and individual advice and information concerning housing and relocation will be available from the Personnel Department.

Yours faithfully

L. E. Evans Manager, Overseas Services.