The International People's College Trust

The intention was to create a new college, a dream of
Mr. DeBevere, and we were going to be the pioneers.
The brochure was full of fine words, asking for funds
to support the venture.

The I.P.C. Trust is a non-party, non profit-making agency sponsored by distinguished and responsible men and women, which has undertaken the business of bringing the College into being on a sound basis. It provides the means by which all who wish to see this important project functioning as quickly as possible can make their contributions. Initiated by Mr. E. A. DeBevere, B.A., LIC.PHIL., the plan for the College has also brought together in a Foundation Committee eminent educationalists and representatives of organisations who are giving valuable voluntary service in support of this cause. The Committee, Advisory Council and the Trust now confidently seek to enlist the practical sympathy of an enlightened public for their efforts.

Evidence of Support

In conversation with several Ministers of Education in Europe the Sponsors have received assurance that the International People's College would be warmly welcomed, and that there is every likelihood that scholarships will be granted to enable students from these countries to attend. A communication has also been received from the United Nations assuring the College of support. The Secretary of the UNESCO National Commission for the United Kingdom has written to us: 'I can say that the aims which you had in mind when founding this college are exactly the aims of UNESCO. Its programme is designed to stimulate education for World Citizenship and all activities which are aimed at this end.'

----------- A Call to You for Wise and Splendid Giving ------------

A new step forward in Education

An International People's College
for Citizens of the World of Tomorrow

1 What it means

An I.P.C. means an adult education centre where people of all nations can receive such training in subjects fundamental to international understanding as will equip them to become, in the fullest and most useful sense, World Citizens. Similar colleges already exist in Norway and Denmark, and have proved their worth. It is believed that Great Britain, with its noble heritage of democratic liberty and government, and wide relationships with so many peoples, has a special contribution to make, and should not be backward with the establishment of such a college.

2 Aims of the College

The College will be residential, and have both resident and visiting lecturers.

(In our case we worked all day in the fields, had an occasional English lesson and slept in a tent).

3 A Beginning

By the courtesy and generosity

We, therefore, appeal for this immediate help, and shall be most grateful for every contribution. (In our case, DeBevere came to us, the students, asking for more money).

4 Prospects

Very quickly we shall require our own building, capacious enough to house up to one hundred students and resident staff.

(We, the twenty remaining IPC students,
were still sleeping in huts and tents).