Silesia pictures
Photographs from our time in Silesia, 1941 to 1945.
Mother did manage to take along a few of the family photographs
despite the hasty nature of our departure on a cold evening in January 1945.


Die Bilder aus Oberschlesien
Wann wurden diese Bilder gemacht?
Das Bild Nr 1 ist das einzigste wo ich mit Sicherheit sagen kann es war in 1941.
Auf der Rückseite steht in Mutters Hand: "unser erstes Weihnachtsfest in Ober Schlesien."


Our first Christmas in Silesia, 1941. .........................Mother and daughter in 1942.


Traudel in the sleigh. The winters were cold and we had lots of snow, early 1942.
The house in the background is were we lived in Chwallowitz, we occupied the top floor.
.......................My sister in early 1943.

Father was on leave and took us to a photographic studio in Rybnik, around the middle of 1943.
Pictured from the left: Hugo Lorenz Wilhelm, Gertrud Helene, and Gerhard Ernst.
Picture on the right was taken at the ame time.

Left: Christmas 1943 in Chwallowitz. Cousin Heinz (second frrom the right) was staying with us.
Right: This picture of Mother, Traudel and Hugo must have been taken early in 1944.


Our Mother who saw us safely through the difficulties on the flight from Silesia in 1945.
Mother with her little girl, this must have been taken in 1940, just before our departure from Herne.

  and, after the return to Herne